Cluckingham Palace

Originally posted on The Natural Poultry Farming Guide:
Prince Charles’s made-to-order Highgrove hen house… yours for a poultry £3,750 Luxury chicken shed inspired by poultry kept on the Prince’s estate Eco-friendly design expected…

Rest in Peace, Warner the White’s Tree Frog

Just as we have added to our family with the new chicks, we now must bid a fond farewell to our beloved White’s Tree Frog, Warner. We discovered this morning that he’d passed away… Continue reading

“Baby” peeps are a lot like baby “peeps”

Caring for a baby animal (in this case, multiples!) is, not surprisingly, much like caring for an infant. Before you can bring it home, you’ve got to do some preliminary prep work. As… Continue reading

The new chicks have arrived!

Here’s a sneak peep, er, peek!

Stay tuned for exciting new entries!

April has been a mix of gardening, home improvement, and chicken-related projects. In the interest of keeping the blog active, I’ve keep my posts brief. Things are finally starting to fall into place,… Continue reading

The Incredible Hulk smashes misconceptions about reading and libraries in a creative library campaign

I am a strong advocate for anything that promotes literacy, so when I spotted this unique crowd-funding campaign for an Illinois library, I knew I had to help promote it. As it ties… Continue reading

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