Reviewing ‘Delia’s Shadow’, hitting the books, and hanging out in a hospital

I cannot believe it’s been a month since my last post; it’s definitely been a busy summer! Along the way, I’ve traveled to Charleston, SC, Anniston, AL, and twice to my hometown (also… Continue reading

‘Three Parts Dead’, Max Gladstone’s debut novel, is out in paperback

Max Gladstone’s debut novel, Three Parts Dead, is a steampunk-styled love-child of John Grisham and Gordon Gekko. It’s part legal thriller, part financial analysis and overall, a really unique read. Gladstone imagines a world… Continue reading

Adolescence is awkward for chickens, too

The summer is speeding by and the baby chicks are growing up just as quickly. I’ve been remiss in providing regular updates, but I’m going to try a few short posts to get… Continue reading

‘Ecko Rising’ is a wickedly entertaining debut novel from Danie Ware

Ecko Rising is the debut novel of sci-fi/fantasy publicist Danie Ware. Ecko, a crisply cynical anti-hero, is a cybernetically-enhanced assassin thrown into a pre-industrial world of alchemy and legends. It’s got some flaws… Continue reading

Kevin Gillespie’s new restaurant, Gunshow, is a misfire

Kevin Gillespie, the crimson-bearded chef formerly of Atlanta’s Woodfire Grill and of Season 6 Top Chef fame, recently opened a new restaurant in the Glenwood Park development in Atlanta. The new venture, called… Continue reading

Stephen King’s ‘Joyland’ is a nostalgic confection of suspense

If you’re thinking of running out to your local bookstore (which is always a good idea) and buying Joyland, Stephen King’s latest Hard Case Crime release, stop by Mind of the Geek and… Continue reading

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