K.W. Jeter cooks up an extravagant story in ‘Fiendish Schemes’

FiendishSchemes_coverYou can find my latest review posted on Mind Of The Geek! This latest work from K. W. Jeter, the author of Infernal Devices and creator of the term “steampunk”, loosely picks up where that earlier work left off. Here’s a sneak preview:

This latest work, released by Tor Books in October 2013, is presented as a stand-alone sequel to Jeter’s earlier Steampunk novel, Infernal Devices. It picks up the story of George Dower, the son of the notorious inventor in Infernal Devices. Dower has retreated to a rural exile on the Scottish coast, his tail tucked between his legs in a state of depression and debt. When he attempts to parlay his father’s greatest invention– a walking, steam-powered lighthouse– into a source of potential revenue, he is pulled into an expanding series of outlandish and devious schemes for money and power. Dower gets a madcap education in the steamy, gadget-and-gear-driven world of London as he discovers the key to his father’s genius and his legacy.”

Stay tuned! Coming up later this week is my review of Clean, by Alex Hughes. You won’t want to miss this futuristic detective novel from a promising Atlanta-area author!

(Image: Tor.com)

(Excerpt from reviewer’s work at Mind Of The Geek Media, LLC.)