A New Year, new books, and new dreams

Ricotta Omelette with Cherry Tomato VinaigaretteAs Atlanta grinds to a halt over a few meager inches of snow, I am sipping a hot toddy and dreaming of more pleasant days enjoyed out on the front porch. I’m enjoying my snow day (not to mention the toddy fixed by sweet Mr. Bungalow) and taking the opportunity to return to my neglected blog. It has fallen by the wayside the past several months as I have transitioned into a new job pursuing another passion of mine–historic preservation. I hope to publish some pieces on that topic as news evolves.

Meanwhile, Mind of the Geek has taken a hiatus and I’ve acquired a backlog of unpublished book reviews. I’ve decided to begin publishing my backlogged reviews and going forward, I will add shorter “Book Bytes” as I am able. I’ve read several great books over the last few months and I’d love to share them with my readers. Stay tuned–I’ll be posting a review of The Secret Lives of Married Women tomorrow! For now, however, I am off to make this delicious Chicken in Milk recipe from the British Chef, Jamie Oliver. Its cinnamon and sage flavors make it a winner on this chilly winter evening!