Dragon Con 2013: Four days of geek camaraderie and acceptance

BarfI recently wrapped up four days of Dragon Con coverage for Mind Of The Geek. It was an amazing and exhausting weekend; I can’t wait for next year! While there, I took in panels featuring the voice casts of Futurama and Pinky and The Brain, George Takei, The Last Unicorn author Peter S. Beagle, and much more! Oh, and did I mention the wonderful parade?

While I was there, I contemplated why so many people enjoy coming to Dragon Con each year. My friend Colin O’Boyle, Senior Editor at GeekSmash.com, said that it was “like coming home.” I think he was on to something. There’s a welcoming spirit, an acceptance, at Dragon Con that allows people to be as they really are, just like at their own homes.

I wrote more about this idea, as well as full coverage of the panels I attended over at Mind Of The Geek. Don’t forget to check out the additional pictures I posted over on Facebook, too!