The Incredible Hulk smashes misconceptions about reading and libraries in a creative library campaign

The Incredible Hulk

An Illinois library hopes to “Hulk Smash!” misconceptions about reading and libraries when it installs this statue.

I am a strong advocate for anything that promotes literacy, so when I spotted this unique crowd-funding campaign for an Illinois library, I knew I had to help promote it.

As it ties in nicely with my contributions to Mind of the Geek, I won’t rehash what I’ve already written here, but in the interest of a blog recap, this suburban Chicago library is raising funds to purchase a giant statue of the Incredible Hulk. The whimsical idea is to “Hulk Smash!” misconceptions about reading, libraries, and the versatility of graphic novels.

I am not a graphic novel reader myself, but I can definitely appreciate the versatility that the format offers in bridging reading problems. I’m certain that adding action-packed drawings has lured many reluctant readers to the beauty of books, while that same visual format is also helpful in teaching English to ESOL speakers, as well as illustrating literary themes and guiding reading comprehension in classrooms. It’s also a great idea for creative writing exercises.

I’m starting to sound like an English teacher here (and I am the daughter of one!), so I’ll stop waxing rhapsodic about the virtues of interdisciplinary approaches to reading…

Find out more about the campaign and its mission here! If graphic novels helped guide you to reading, I’d love to hear your story!