Happy Birthday Jane Powell

Jane Powell

Bungalow restoration expert Jane Powell

Today would have been the 61st birthday of bungalow restoration expert, Jane Powell.

Jane, who passed away last November, was the author of several bungalow restoration books (such as Bungalow Kitchens and Bungalow Bathrooms) that have served as an inspiration and sacred restoration text during my own house renovation projects. If you own a bungalow and are not familiar with her work, I strongly encourage you to acquire her books. She was a staunch preservationist and she inspired many homeowners to view their older homes with new respect. Her books were filled with countless puns; she used her dry humor and sharp wit to make a potentially dry topic both informative and amusing.

I had the privilege to host her for the weekend during the annual Decatur Old House Fair (I can’t recall if it was 2009 or 2010), but it was great getting to know her and getting her thoughts on my own beloved bungalow.  We kept in touch occasionally after the fair and I, along with many other folks involved in the arts and crafts revival, will miss her humor and expertise.

She would be pleased to know the effort that her family and friends have made towards saving her beloved “bunga-mansion” since her passing and I know that all of her family and friends are thinking of her today.

RIP, “bad girl of bungalow writing”.